1. What is unique about the parks?
  2. Why do we like walking in the parks?
  3. Why do we visit the park?
  4. What started the journey of walking and going to the parks?
  5. What has been any gain/experience with walking in the parks?
  6. What do we want to achieve by walking?

1A/PH: The location for us is always a unique trait of the park. There might be a reason for why it’s in a certain spot. For example, there are at least 3 parks in NC in which the parks are always at the end of a ‘no outlets’ street. Also, for us the type of animals that inhabit the parks are always fun to encounter or be on the lookout for. The trails are always a unique part as well because there can be short ones (0.5 mi) or extremely long ones (4.0+ mi one way). We never know what we might see on the trail, so I always, or at least try to have my phone camera ready.

2A/PH: We like walking in the parks because nature always feels peaceful. We’re always looking for new adventures and we discover them in the parks. There’s always something to see and experience in the parks, from the variety of plant species down to the animals that frequent them. But what it all comes down to is peace of mind. Recharge. Calmness.

3A/PH: Visiting the parks is always rewarding because we feel a sense of accomplishment when we walk. We also feel like we’re getting rid of toxins in our body by sweating during our walks. Which always feels rewarding. The parks are always filled with positivity and enjoying the views they have to offer is a bonus! Seeing wildlife and being able to capture it in a photo is something to remember.

4A/PH: Our journey started when both my husband and I wanted to have kids. We came to an understanding that we would work extra hard to make our bodies healthy vessels for the kids we wanted to have. Along with having kids, we also wanted to make healthier choices for food we ate and maintaining a steady flow of walking to add to everything. We both saw things relaying to our bodies that we could change for the better and walking, whether in a park or around the neighborhood always helps set the course.

5A/PH: The gain(s)/experience(s) we’ve had from walking the parks are mental and physical achievements. We feel better about ourselves and our bodies. We get to appreciate the beauty of the parks and the plants and animals that make up the park. Being able to finish the more advanced trails is always an accomplishment for us because sometimes we have to split a long trail in a span of 2 days to make sure we don’t overexert ourselves.

6A/PH: We want to achieve our walking/jogging goals along with our mental goals. My husband and I do a lot of 5k’s (3.1 mi) within the year and in our walks, we try to incorporate jogging to help us with endurance. We’re actually training right now to be able to do a half marathon (13.1 mi) by/before the end of the year. Our current weekly goals of walking consist of walking a 5k (3.1 mi), a 10k (6.2 mi) and the rest of the days are at least 2 miles plus. Recently we’ve also incorporated more jogging in between the walks for that extra push and of course remembering to stay hydrated (anywhere from between 8 to 12 cups a day!).


  • First 10k: walked on March 13, 2021; 6.31 miles
  • Longest stretch of miles: walked at the Everglades National Park on January 30, 2021; 7.56 miles
  • Interesting walk: held on 2/22/22 at Arnette Park (NC); 2.22 miles
  • Most charitable walk: St. Jude’s 30-mile challenge: completed from 5/1-5/31/21; 46.44 miles

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