Update 3

Happy Sunday!!!

A few more additions/modifications have been made:

  • The PH HQ has been modified to Park Hunters Log – HQ
  • Park Hunters Place Patches (click for Patches) & Park Hunters Itinerary (click for Itinerary) have been added
  • Park Hunters Walks for Causes page has been modified and the medals (click for Medals) have been added

-The Park Hunters

The Park Hunters are back!!!

Hello there! We are proud to announce that our website, The Park Hunters is now live. The new and improved website is ready to be viewed. On the left-hand side, you will see a list in alphabetical order of parks and places that we have been to, what we’ve seen, etc. All you have to do is click the name and use the right arrow to view the slideshow of photos. Please feel free to leave a comment about the pictures or if you’ve visited the park or if you just want to say hi – that works too!

The majority of the pictures have been uploaded and are ready for viewing. The following parks/places are still pending, but will be uploaded soon: Arnette Park, Lion Country Safari, Mazarick Park, Naples Preserve, Palm Beach Zoo and St. Augustine.

We hope that you enjoy the views and if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment section of the photos, or if you want to connect with us go ahead and head over to our contact page.

Happy Walking!

-The Park Hunters