Sloth is my Patronus

Sloths are my friends! (Lol)

I have a soft spot for sloths and all they represent. I find them to be adorable and cuddly, although I’ve seen them in a different light where they are not as cute and cuddly (Yikes! Lol). People close to me know how much I freak out about sloths and seeing one and it’s still on the bucket list of creatures to touch and feed! Not all zoos have sloth exhibits so when there is a zoo that does, I’m already looking for it on the map. 😉 (A lot of times they are in their hut sleeping though 😦 )

This fella up there was taken at Palm Beach Zoo, and it was a waiting game that was so worth it. My mother and I stood in front of the glass waiting for him to patiently show his face, and after a certain point he started playing peek-a-boo and finally he showed his cute face. We stood there a good ten minutes extra to make sure we got a good picture of him. Isn’t he just the cutest? (Lol)

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that a sloth spends all his time in the trees and once a week it comes down the tree to use the bathroom and that is when they are at their most vulnerable?

Okay…well how about this? Did you know that their metabolism is the slowest of all the animals, which is another reason why they only eat leaves, which takes about 30 days to digest?

Last, but certainly not least, Did you know they’re blind in bright daylight? But don’t worry, they make up for it with great sense of smell and spatial memory!

No, of course I’m not obsessed! (Lol) Well…maybe, just a little?

The last picture has my sloth collection, but not in its entirety. I am missing some sloth stuffies (Lol).

Hope you enjoyed the fun facts about Sloths!

Feel free to share in the comments what animal is your patronus.

-The Park Hunters